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Spencer Davis

Spencer Davis Real Estate Advisor

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Real Estate Advisor Spencer Davis is focused and dedicated yet holds firm to the belief that kindness always matters. Spencer grew up in Oakley, Utah, and has called Cache Valley his home for the last 15 years. He possesses a wealth of knowledge about the area and relishes in helping others find or sell a home and meet their real estate goals.   

Spencer earned a degree in Law & Constitutional Studies from Utah State University. As a self-starter, his background and work experience include starting and owning his own company and working in the fitness industry mastering many roles including purchasing, design, and marketing as well as logistics on both the national and international level.   

Spencer has a passion for travel and spent years living in West Africa including the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Sierra Leone yet he loves being home in Cache Valley where he can spend time with his wife and two amazing children, explore the outdoors, work to make his yard more beautiful, and tackle his grillmaster ambitions.